Manifesting Magic

  1. I’m manifesting endless opportunities to work on fun, creative projects with dynamic, heart-centered people.

  2. wanda says:

    I would like to manifest a new product line to wholesale to promoters so I could manifest extra income without having to be working a trade show to create that income. Then I could spend my time on things that I would like to do and help my son with his education and his dreams and goals of becoming a pilot which by the ways is an endless pit of money!

  3. Nicole Hartley Bradford says:

    WOOOT JACKIE!!!  Beautifully put!  I’m OUTA HERE to manifest a world of Divine Magic!!

  4. Tina says:

    I’am manifesting planning very successful retreats which will lead to a very successful career in helping other’s by being the coordinator of planning Retreats!! Yeppee!!

  5. Deborah Jan Stewart says:

    thanx for this Jacquie… this leaves me speechless, but thoughtful. So I will choose to manifest thru thoughtfulness and peaceful quiet. XO

  6. Manifesting is so powerful! I really appreciate your piece about Alignment and how it truly can’t show up if it is not in align with how you live and be. Thank you Jackie! PS. I’ave had some eerily accurate Notes from the Universe too! haha They’re so great!

  7. Joce Yeoman says:

    Great blog Jackie! So true and relevant. Living as a successful novelist – actually earning a good income from what I love to do. That’s my manifestation. 🙂

  8. Beth says:

    Love it, thank you.

  9. Joaquelena says:

    I manifest a beautiful 5 bedroom house for my boys and I with a front office space for my coffee business to increase abundantly.

  10. Niki says:

    Thank you for the great piece on manifestation. What stands out for me is “alignment” I have never been able to focus on the one true thing I love. Maybe because I’m trying to do too much? Maybe the fear of the unknown? This will definately help me pin point , SURRENDER and MANIFEST!.

  11. Beulah Castan says:

    Learning stillness is powerful. Learning to trust totally in yourself without a doubt. Learning that the Universe will provide and trusting that. Learning not to be afraid to give out totally the love that you feel within without holding back just in case it is not well received. Not being fearfully but trusting in yourself totally to be yourself and all will be well.

  12. What a great article! I definitely have moments of amazing miracles in my life and I remember doing these same things as well during those moments. I believe we are born knowing this intuitively and sometimes we need help to remember how miraculous we truly are. Thank you for helping us to remember 🙂

  13. Agi says:

    I want to manifest my transformation to become emotionally stronger so I can divorce my strong-headed and ruthless husband and become free as well as independend woman and live happily ever after!!!!!!

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